Golden Rod Feeder Rules

The Rules 

  • Feeder only 
  • One rod to be used at any time. 
  • Rod & Reel only. 
  • Feeders can be fixed or running but fixed must conform with fishery rules. 
  • No minimum hook length restrictions. 
  • Feed can only be introduced via swim feeder 
  • All forms of swim feeders permitted, including – Method, banjo, cage, Blockend etc. 
  • Bombs are not allowed other than for plumbing the depth. 
  • Bait limits and hook sizes are subject to fishery rules. 
  • No PVA 
  • No Bloodworm & Joker 
  • No Floating Baits 
  • One hook only 
  • No use of catapults 
  • Draw times for all qualifiers 8:30 am 
  • Fishing times :- 10am – 3pm 
  • Competiton / Fishery rules are to be strictly adhered to. 
    Any complaints to be raised and addressed before any pools monies or results overall are concluded.