Golden Rod Feeder Championship 2 day Final, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2022

With the 21 national qualifiers now completed, the 64 finalists arrived here at Larford Lakes for the 2 day Grand Final, fished both on the Specimen and Match Lakes.

Anglers rotated between both lakes on a points scoring two day final.

So for example, if the Match Lake was drawn on day 1, the angler would then face the Specimen Lake on day 2.

In the event of a points tie, the results would then be decided by overall weight.

Prior to the two days final practice matches had produced some stunning weights and the Friday open produced multiple 200 & 300 lbs weights.

Conditions however for the weekend of the final were far from ideal with a strong easterly wind, very high air pressure, a hard early morning frost and clear and sunny conditions.
With the high pressure and worst wind direction, weights were hit hard to say the least.

Day 1

Match Lake

Top weight on day 1 on the Match Lake went to Prezmek Solski who drew fancied peg 32 which was the end peg on the Burr bank.
Prezmek fished a small hybrid feeder and waffter hook baits tight to his bank edges, recording a weight of 129-11-0 of carp and F1’s which won his section comfortably.

Match Lake Section winner day 1
Section A Pezmek Solski 129-11-0
Section B Ryan Wilson 56-13-0
Section C Tom Scholey 124-8-0

Specimen Lake

Top weight on the Specimen Lake on Day 1 was Jon Wake who drew end peg 1 on the Specimen Burr.
Jon fished a hybrid feeder at distance with waffter hook baits, landing 114-5-0 of carp and bream.

Specimen Lake Section winners Day 1
Section A Jon Wake 114-5-0
Section B Nick Speed 59-2-0
Section C Martin Tayloe 74-10-0

Day 2

Match Lake

With high pressure and easterly winds continuing plus a severe overnight frost weights tumbled for day 2.

Overall the Match Lake winner was Steve Curtis from peg 19 on the Match Burr bank.
Steve weighed in 66-11-0 of carp and F1’s all caught on the hybrid feeder and waffter short.

Match Lake Section winners Day 2
Section A Nick Speed 48-14-0
Section B Geoff Wiseman 40-5-0
Section C Steve Curtis 66-11-0

Specimen Lake

Alex Walker was top weight on the Specimen Lake for day 2 with a weight of 55-10-0 from end peg 16 on the Burr bank.
Alex cast long with hybrid feeder and later down his edge to record 55-10-0 of carp and bream, all caught on waffter hook baits.

Specimen Lake day 2 section winners

Section A Joe Jagger 46-5-0
Section B Mick Bull 44-4-0
Section C Alex Walker 55-10-0

So, with the 2 day final completed, the top 10 was decided by 3 clear point scores followed by 7 anglers reverting to overall weight.

Winner overall with the only perfect score of 2 points was Nick Speed who collected the trophy and the title of Golden Rod Champion 2022.
Nick collected a massive £10,000 cheque.

Second overall was Tom Scholey  with an overall 3 point score, collecting the runner up position and a cheque for £6000.

Third placed Ryan Wilson  secured third placed with a 4 point total collecting £4000

Overall, a great event which could have gone anyway on day 2 keeping all the finalists in it right up to the final whistle.

All 64 finalist should be proud of their achievement reaching the final itself against many top flight anglers who fished all the qualification rounds across the country over the 21 rounds between October 2021 & March 2022.

A big well done to Nick Speed, Golden Rod Feeder Champion 2022.

Tickets for the 2022 /23 round will go on sale Tuesday 3rd May 6pm.

To book your tickets log onto Golden Reel Feeder Championship and secure your tickets online

Golden Rod Feeder Champion 2021/22

Nick Speed



Nick Speed

2 Points



Tom Scholey

3 Points



Jon Wake

4 Points



Ryan Wilson

5 Points (88-15-0)



Andy Crocker

5 Points (67-3-0)



Prezmek Solski

6 Points (146-1-0)



Steve Fotheringham

6 Points (102-7-0)



Stu Fotheringham

6 Points (87-13-0)



Les Marshall

7 Points (135-14-0)



Martin Tayloe

7 Points (85-11-0




Darren Cox

7 Points (69-8-0)


Joe Jagger

7 Points (64-12-0)


Vic Molyneux

7 Points(60-10-0)


Rob Twardeowski

7 Points (50-13-0)


Andy Power

7 Points (47-14-0)


Martin Harrell

8 Points (86-8-0)


Simon Skelton

8 Points ( 77-15-0)


Rob Coombs

8 Points (40-10-0)


Paul Cook

9 Points (70-8-0)


Alex Walker

9 points (69-2-0)


Nick Owen

9 Points (66-11-0)


Lee Jepson

9 Points (57-3-0)


Geoff Wiseman

9 Points (54-2-0)


Dale Shepherd

9 points (48-13-0)


Steve Curtis

10 Points (83-13-0)


Rob Wooton

10 Points (81-2-0)


Baz Byrd

10 Points (56-0-0)


Pete Eastwood

10 Points (47-0-0)


George Parker

10 Points (44-13-0)


Tony Morris

10 Points (39-0-0)


Mick Bull

11 Points (73-9-0)


Danny Wilson

11 Points (69-4-0)


Brett Clarke

11 Points (45-11-0)


Charlie Simpson

12 Points (62-6-0)


Andy Mundell

12 Points (57-7-0)


Dean Barlow

12 Points (44-7-0)


Janis Soldaks

12 Points (39-2-0)


Rob Burgwin

12 Points (26-15-0


Jamie Snedker

13 Points (90-6-0)


Andy Kinder

13 Points (69-14-0)


Geoff McCauley

13 Points (57-11-0)


Neil McKinnon

13 Points (30-1-0)


Wayne Shepherd

13 Points (28-0-0)


Steve Brindley

14 Points


Ian Smith

15 Points (71-3-0)


Steve Ringer

15 Points (33-11-0)


Allan Guilding

15 Points (32-8-0)


Phil Canning

15 Points (25-8-0)


Dan Hook

16 Points (56-5-0)


Phil Ringer

16 Points (27-4-0)


Craig Tideswell

16 Points (22-0-0)


Richard Lawson

17 Points (52-6-0)


Mark Storey

17 Points (45-13-0)


Oliver Scotthorne

17 Points (29-11-0)


Marivs Gregatis

18 Points (32-4-0)


Ian Croxton

18 Points (27-1-0)


Lee Hall

18 Points (27-1-0)


Garry Swaine

18 Points (25-13-0)


Ade Link

19 Points (21-9-0)


Kioran Rich

19 Points (17-10-0)


Dave Berry

19 Points (12-4-0)


Mac Duke

20 Points


Irek Wlazlo

21 Points


Andy Fry

22 Points

Golden Rod Feeder Championship Grand Final March 19th & 20th 2022

The draw will take place at the Larford fishery lodge at 9am on Saturday 19th March.
Competitors should arrive between 8-9am for the registration, followed by the day 1 draw for pegs.

Each finalist will draw for a section on either the Match Lake or the Specimen Lake on day 1 of Grand Final. The following day anglers will rotate

The final will be scored on a points basis and in the event of a points score tie, we will then revert to the overall weight.

Fishing each day will commence at 11am and conclude at 4pm (5hrs)

There will be 6 sections daily, 4 sections of 11 and 2 sections of 10 (total 64 anglers).

Here is your list of qualifiers for the 2 day Grand Final-

Round 1


George Parker, Steve Brindley, Neil McKinnon

Round 2


Andy Fry, Ian Smith, Ryan Wilson

Round 3


Andy Crocker, Paul Cook, Mick Bull

Round 4


Oliver Scotthorne, Craig Tideswell, Brett Clarke

Round 5


Mick Owen, Dale Shepherd, Lee Hall

Round 6


Simon Skelton, Rob Burgwin, Wayne Shepherd

Round 7


Ian Croxton, Stu Fotheringham, Alex Walker

Round 8


Les Marshall, Rob Twardowski, Charlie Simpson

Round 9


Rich Lawson, Tony Morris, Geoff McCauley

Round 10


Janis Saldaks, Jamie Snedker, Steve Curtis

Round 11


Martin Harrell, Rob Coombs, Martin Tayloe

Round 12


Pete Eastwood,Vic Molyneux, Andrew Mondell

Round 13


Nick Speed, Danny Wilson, Tom Scholey

Round 14


Ade Link, Andy Power, Dean Barlow

Round 15


Prezmek Solski, Phil Ringer, Geoff Wiseman

Round 16


Baz Byrd, Jon Wake, Rob Wooton, Steve Ringer

Round 17


Dan Hook, Steve Hanrahan, Darren Cox

Round 18


Dave Berry, Kioran Rich, Marius Grigaitis

Round 19


Alan Gilding, Mark Storey, Matt Duke

Round 20


Joe Jagger, Lee Jepson, Andy Kinder

Round 21


Irek Wlazlo, Phil Canning, Garry Swain


Finally, braid main line and hook lengths allowed in the final.
For the full list of rules please visit –

The overall final prize fund-

1st will collect £10,000

2nd will collect £6,000

3rd will collect £4,000

4th will collect £3,000

5th will collect £2,000

6th will collect £1,500

7th will collect £1,000

8th will collect £600

9th will collect £400

10th will collect £300

In addition to the overall prize fund, the final will also pay £150 for the section winners each day.

So in total, the prize fund will be a massive £30,600

Very well done to all qualifiers
See you all on Saturday 19th March 2022 for the 2 day final.

Phil Briscoe
Event Organiser



Monday 24th January 2022

Despite very brave efforts to keep Hallcroft fishery clear of ice, the Golden Rod feeder qualifier had to be cancelled on the morning of the match which should have taken place on Saturday 22nd January 2022.
Although the lakes were clear of ice on the Friday, a heavy frost overnight destroyed any chance of fishing the Saturday qualifier.
A vote was put to all the competitors and it was decided to re-arrange.
The good news is that the cancellation has been re arranged for Sunday 19 th February 2022 at Hallcroft so all entrées for the cancellation will role over to this new date.
Tickets are in high demand so anyone with a ticket who can’t make this new date, please sell on the ticket via Facebook or other means as unwanted tickets will certainly get snapped up quickly.
Draw on the 19th February will take place at Hallcroft café between 8-8.30 am.
Fish 10-3pm.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused but controlling the weather is beyond our control.
With best regards and thanks for your continued support
Phil Briscoe,
Event Organiser.

Thursday 9th December 2021

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are changing the Golden Rod 2 day final to the following dates –
Saturday March 19th 2022
Sunday March 20th 2022

The original final dates were Saturday March 12th & Sunday March 13th 2022

Monday 14th March to Thursday 17th March will be open to finalists who wish to practice and Friday 18th March 22, Larford Lakes will be hosting a 60 peg open match fished on both the Specimen and Match Lakes.

Phil Briscoe
Event Organiser



Wednesday 29th September 2021

Due to the lack of ticket sales for the Golden Rod Qualifier at Woodlands Thirsk scheduled for Sunday 3rd October 2021, the qualifier has been cancelled.
As there were only 20 tickets as at Tuesday 28th September, we have no alternative other than cancellation.

We think a contributing factor is the distance anglers may have to travel and the uncertainty of fule availability.

A refund will be issued to anyone who has purchased a ticket for this particular qualifier.

An additional qualifier will be arranged to replace this particular date.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Phil Briscoe
Event Organiser


Golden Rod Final Update Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Due to the devastation caused by COVID-19 and the lockdowns forced upon us, we have decided to run the final for 2021 with the 27 finalists from the 9 qualifiers we were able to host as scheduled.

All tickets purchased for the 2020/21 qualifiers that have not been able to take place due to the restrictions will be honoured for the next 2021/22 Golden Rod Feeder Championship campaign.

We are currently in the process of booking 20 more qualifiers commencing September 2021 and concluding at the end of February 2022 with the final will be staged during March 2022.

Ticket holder for all the cancelled qualifiers will be emailed and given the opportunity to roll their purchased tickets over to the 2021/22 new qualifying rounds.

We trust you will all fully understand that this is the only sensible way forwards under all these difficult circumstances.

2021 Final
Although this is not the ideal situation, we feel it is the only thing we can do.
We will stage a 2-day final at Larford Lakes on Saturday April 3rd and Sunday April 4th 2021 of the 27 qualifiers from the 9 completed rounds.

There will be 3 sections of 9 (27) fishing the Match Lake on day 1 and the same fishing day 2 on the Specimen Lake.
The final will be decided on points with weight being the decider in the event of a points tie.

Each section of 9 (27 anglers) will pay £100 per section per day, total of £600 in section prizes.
Overall :-

1st – £5000
2nd – £3500
3rd – £2500
4th – £2000
5th – £1000
Total prize purse £14,000 + £600 in section prizes.

There will not be a Golden Rod trophy replica for 2021 due to the overall numbers fishing the final but the winner will still have his name engraved on the prestigious main trophy.

Dates for the 2021/22 qualifiers will be announced on Tuesday June 1st 2021.

From the available 1200 tickets (20 qualifiers), 660 tickets will be allocated to ticket holders who were unable to fish the 2020/21 qualifiers due to the Government restrictions.
As soon as these ticket holders have informed us of which dates and venues they wish to transfer to, the remaining 540 tickets will be available for general purchase.

The 2021/22 final will pay the original prize fund due to the ticket fee’s still being withheld by the event organiser.

Let’s all hope that no further problems will effect the competition and we can all get back to fishing and the new normal.

Please keep your eyes open for any further developments via the website and Facebook page.

With best Regards
Phil Briscoe
Golden Rod Event Organiser


Golden Rod Championship Statement Thursday 31st December 2020

Following the Government restrictions covering the tier system for COVID-19 announced on Wednesday 30th December 2020, it is with great regret that we must suspend all Golden Rod Championship Qualifiers for the whole of January 2021.
Furthermore, February 2021 will also have to be reviewed should the COVID infection rates continue to rise.

It would be totally irresponsible to conduct any matches during this coming period as 80% of the country is now in tier 4 and 8 out of 10 people are now in lockdown.

We will be monitoring the situation and be looking to re-schedule as soon as we possibly can.
Tickets that have been booked for January 2021 will be honoured.

We will do our level best to re-schedule the postponed qualifiers, using the same venues and keep you all posted as best as we can with any new developments.

All matches at Larford Lakes are also cancelled, including any club or local open matches.

We must all act with responsibility to fight the infection.

Following this announcement, we will email all affected ticket purchasers separately via the supplied email address.

We wish everyone a very happy new year and hopefully a better 2021.
Stay safe.
Phil Briscoe
Event Organiser.

Golden Rod Update – dates

Following the postponement of the November 2020 qualifiers due to the November Government Lockdown, the following fixtures have been replaced with new dates-
Decoy Lake – Saturday 7th November – New date, 5th December 2020
Boddington Res – Sunday 8th November – New Date 7th March 2021
Larford Lakes – Sunday 15th November – New Date 6th February 2021
Barston Lakes – Saturday 21st November – New Date 28th February 2021
All of the other fixtures and dates remain the same, subject to the Government guidelines and restrictions.
All tickets purchased for the November 2020 qualifiers will be honoured and transferred to the new dates as listed.
If you are unable to attend these new dates, please attempt to sell your ticket via Facebook as the event is a complete sell out and tickets are in very high demand.
Draw times remain the same, rolling draw 8-9am fish 10-3pm.

Golden Rod Grand Final
Larford Lakes
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2020

The completion of the 22 qualifiers brought 66 grand finalists to the Severn Sports, Larford Lakes complex to compete over two days for the coveted trophy and title of Golden Rod Feeder Champion 2020.

On the practice days leading up to the final, some superb weights were recorded off both the match & specimen lakes.

Big weights of carp and F1’s from the match lake and bumper bags of quality bream and specimen carp from the specimen lake.


Click for Day One Results

The conditions for day 1 were favourable with highs of 10C and a gentle breeze.

The draw placed 33 anglers on the Specimen Lake and 33 on the Match Lake.

The sections were divided into 6 zones with 11 anglers in each section all facing each other in the relevant sections.

Anglers fishing the Match Lake on day 1 would then draw a peg on the Specimen Lake for the second day and vice versa.

Sections were decided on a points basis and in the event of a tie, weight overall would define the winner.

Winner on day 1 was Dean Barlow from peg 21 on the Specimen Chalet bank with 94-2-0.

Dean caught bream and some specimen carp caught short and down his edge with method feeder loaded with micro pellets and various waffter hook baits.

Dean weighed in carp to over 20lbs weighing in 4 beasts that went close to 80 lbs on their own and securing the overall win and the important day 1 section win.

2nd overall was Dave Walton from peg 26 on the Match Lake.

Dave caught short on the method and waffters, later switching to his edges landing some good carp to finish the day with an impressive 79-4-0 and the all-important section win.

3rd to the frame was Ian Wood from peg 25 on the Match Lake. Ian fished the method feeder short and later down his edge loading his feeder with a mix of ground bait and micro pellet with various waffter hook baits.

Although Ian had a slow start, as the match progressed, his peg got stronger and stronger with quality carp and F1’s making up second in the section with a weight of 73-9-0.

4th overall was Darren Cox from peg 1 on the Match Lake.

Darren fished short with the hybrid feeder loaded with a mix of groundbait and micro pellet and waffter hook baits. Darren progressed with quality carp and F1’s securing a section win with a weight of 73-9-0.

Top 10 results – Day 1

1st Dean Barlow 94-2-0 Peg 21 Speci Lake
2nd Dave Walton 79-4-0 Peg 26 Match Lake
3rd Ian Wood 73-11-0 Peg 25 Match Lake
4th Darren Cox 73-9-0 Peg 1 Match Lake
5th Andy Kinder 63-12-0 Peg 23 Speci Lake
6th Phil Canning 62-8-0 Peg 22 Speci Lake
7th Rob Upex 58-15-0 Peg 24 Match Lake
8th John Jones 56-7-0 Peg 20 Speci Lake
9th Alex Walker 55-6-0 Peg 27 Speci Lake
10th George Parker 51-7-0 Peg 13 Match Lake


Day 1 Section Winners

Darren Cox Peg1 Match Lake 73-9-0
Dave Walton Peg 26 Match Lake 79-4-0
George Parker Peg 13 Match Lake 51-7-0
Dean Barlow Peg 21 Speci Lake 94-2-0
Andy Kinder Peg 23 Speci Lake 63-12-0
Prezmek Solski Peg 15 Speci Lake 41-13-0


Click for Day Two Results


Overall winner on day 2 was Nick Speed who drew peg 19 on the Match Lake.

Nick fished the hybrid feeder with a mix of groundbait and micro pellets fishing his own waffter hookbaits.

Nick landed quality carp and F1’s to register 74-11-0 and section win.

Second on the day was Prezmek Solski from peg 8 on the Match Lake with 73-11-0.

Prezmek secured his second section win fishing the hybrid feeder short and down his edge with a ground bait and pellet mix and various own produced waffter hook baits. Prezmek landed some quality carp and F1’s

Third overall was Alex Walker from peg 25 on the Match Lake with 66-8-0.

Alex caught short and down his edge with the hybrid feeder loaded with pellet and various waffter hook bait and landed carp to 15lbs.

Fourth in the frame was Tony Johnson from peg 27 on the Match Lake with 64-11-0.

Tony fished short and down his edge with the hybrid feeder loaded with a mix of groundbait and micro pellet, landing big carp and F1’s.

Top 10 results Day 2

1st Nick Speed 74-11-0 Peg 19 Match Lake
2nd Prezmek Solski 73-11-0 Peg 8 Match Lake
3rd Alex Walker 66-8-0 Peg 25 Match Lake
4th Tony Johnson 64-11-0 Peg 27 Match Lake
5th Phil Canning 62-8-0 Peg 26 Match Lake
6th Paul Cook 59-1-0 Peg 13 Match Lake
7th Carl Barnfield 57-12-0 Peg 33 Match Lake
8th Andy Kinder 56-14-0 Peg 18 Match Lake
9th Chris Annett 56-11-0 Peg 29 Match Lake
10th Steve Ringer 50-11-0 Peg 10 Match Lake


Section Winners Day 2

Carl Barnfield 57-12-0 Peg 33 Match Lake
Prezmek Solski 73-11-0 Peg 8 Match Lake
Nick Speed 74-11-0 Peg 19 Match Lake
Geoff Ringer 35-0-0 Peg 17 Specimen Lake
Chris Parr 20-12-0 Peg 23 Specimen Lake
Darren Cox 35-14-0 Peg 33 Specimen Lake

Top 10 overall after 2 days

Top 10 overall after 2 days

Golden Rod Champion with a perfect score of 2 points was Polish rod Prezmek Solski.

Prezmek fished the perfect final and collected the massive £10,000 cheque and prestigious trophy.

Day 1, Prezmek drew a difficult section on the burr bank of the Specimen Lake and peg 15 on the section looked difficult to score good points but his approach paid off by fishing the method feeder short all day.

This approach produced just 4 bites all day. A small skimmer, one decent 2lb bream and two carp.

One carp weighed in at 25lbs, one at 14lbs, giving him a total weight of 41lbs 13oz, 5lbs 13oz clear of his nearest rival.

On his second day, Prezmek drew peg 8 on the Match Lake grass bank, near the island.

Again, not a favoured area but his approach clearly was the correct and winning method.

Fishing the hybrid feeder short all day and down his edges, Prezmek fed heavily with goundbait and pellet.

Both his short line and edge produced quality carp to 15lbs plus a few F1’s giving him a total weight of 73-11-0
Prezmek’s total cumulative weight was 115-8-0.

The championship was decided by his weight as runner up, Darren Cox scored the same perfect 2 point score but fell just 6lbs short on his overall weight.

Darren also fished the perfect 2 day final landing 73-9-0 on day 1 from peg 1 on the Match Lake.
Darren’s short and edge tactics worked well rewarding him with quality carp and F1’s for a convincing section win.
Day 2 placed Darren on peg 33 on the Chalet bank of the Specimen Lake.
Darren caught a few early bream to the method feeder but his last hour rewarded him with two big carp caught short boosting his overall weight to 35-14-0.
One of his carp weighed in at over 20lbs.

Overall Top 10 Results

1st Prezmek Solski 2 pts 115-8-0 £10,000, plus section & Super Pool
2nd Darren Cox 2 pts 109-7-0 £6,000, plus section & Super Pool
3rd George Parker 3 pts 72-3-0 £4,000, plus section & Super Pool
4th Alex Walker 4 pts 121-14-0 £3000, plus section & Super Pool
5th Andy Kinder 4 pts 120-10-0 £2000, plus section & Super Pool
6th Phil Canning 6 pts 125-0-0 £1,500
7th Chris Annett 6 pts 86-6-0 £1,000
8th Geoff Ringer 6 pts 69-5-0 £600, plus section wins
9th Ian Wood 7 pts 89-11-0 £400 plus Super Pool
10th Carl Barnfield 7 pts 87-5-0 £300

Total Paid out £30,600

Including section wins

10th March 2020

With the final qualifier taking place on Sunday, we have all the qualifiers for the Grand Final to be fished at Larford Lakes on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2020 where the public can come and spectate.

The Grand Final will be fished over the two days utilising both the Match and Specimen Lakes.

There will be 6 sections (11 anglers per section). Day 1 will be an open draw. Anglers who draw the Match Lake on day 1 will fish the Specimen lake on day two and vice versa.
The draw will take place at Larford’s Café at 9am.
Fishing times for both days will be 11am – 4pm.
Finalists are reminded that only fishery pellets are allowed for loading the method feeders. Groundbait is allowed through the feeder or around the method and is any brand.

Breakfast is available at the café from 8am.

Qualifiers –

No 1 Patshull Park 28th September 2019
Gareth Lambert
Tony Randall
Brian Clark

No 2 Larford Lakes 19th October 2019
Paul Collier
Phil Canning
Paul Cook

No 3 Boddington 26th October 2019
Phil Ringer
Andy Kinder
Tony Johnson

No 4 Boddington 2nd November 2019
Steve Ringer
Steve Palmer
Steve Beard

No 5 Decoy Lakes 9th November 2019
Alex Dockerty
Les Marshall
Matt Pillay

No 6 Southfield 16th November 2019
Ian Docherty
Mark Deacon
Richard Vaughn

No 7 Barston Lakes 23rd November 2019
Darren Cox
Carl Barnfield
Alex Walker

No 8 Carr Mill Dam 1st December 2019
Matt Bretherton
Jamie Harrison
Graham Lewis

No 9 Barston Lakes 7th December 2019
Chris Hill
Barry Bird
Pete Jupp

No 10 Lindholme 14th December 2019
Chris Oliver
George Robinson
Lee Hall

No 11 Southfield 21st December 2019
Charlie Simpson
Nick Crooks
Steve Curtis

No 12 Southfield 4th January 2020
Justin Iveson
Simon Fry
Mark Price

No 13 Barston Lakes 11th January 2020
Rob Upex
Lee Kerry
Gaz Donaldson

No 14 Decoy Lakes 18th January 2020
Graeme Wall
Chris Annett
Nick Speed

No 15 Larford Lakes 25th January 2020
Lee Jepson
George Parker
Rob Wiltshire

No 16 Barston Lakes 1st February 2020
Nathan Gooderham
Paul Twigg
Rob Wooton

No 17 Tamar Lakes 8th February 2020
Michael Buchwalder
Chris Parr
Dave Walton

No 18 Lindholme 15th February 2020
Ben Fisk
Vic Molyneux
Martin Harrell

No 19 Larford Lakes 16th February 2020
Ian Wood
Prezmek Solski
Eric Hall

No 20 Barston Lakes 22nd February 2020
Graham West
Dave Wood
Geoff Ringer

No 21 Meadowlands 29th February 2020
Simon Sketton
Craig Willis
Shane Hodgkinson

No 22 Larford 8th March 2020
John Jones
Dean Barlow
Jon Arthur


4th June 2019

Golden Rod Feeder Championship 2019_20

17th March 2019

The long road to the final concluded as 60 of the country’s finest feeder anglers made their way to Larford Lakes in Worcestershire to fish for the coveted title of Golden Rod Feeder Champion 2019.
A staggering £26,800 prize fund and a champion who would pocket a massive £12,000 for first place overall and the superb trophy.
There was a number of finalists returning from last year’s final including Steve Ringer, Darren Cox and last year’s champion, Charlie Simpson.

No beast from the east this year but conditions for the two day final were far from being perfect. The competitors had to face up to extreme winds with gusts approaching 50mph. On top of this, temperatures took a tumble to just 10C, coupled with heavy rain at times.
Saturday around 4”of rain lashed into the lakes and a keen frost on Sunday seriously effected the formbook.
That being said, the Golden Rod Feeder final presented an epic final with just 1lb separating the first and second position.

Day 1
Overall winner on day 1 was Danny Wilson who drew peg 23 on the Specimen Lake.
Danny quickly found quality carp short and down his edge bagging a massive 131lbs to method and waffters, easily winning his section for the perfect start to his challenge for the title.

Second overall on day 1 was Nick Speed who drew peg 58 on the Match Lake.
Not a fancied peg to challenge for a section win but Nick put in an excellent display of feeder fishing catching short and down his edges with both method and cage feeder landing 111-13-00 of carp, F1’s and skimmers, all to waffters and hard pellet.
Nick secured both a section and lake win.

Third overall on day 1 was Steve Ringer who drew peg 20 on the Match Lake.
Steve had a slow start and after a couple of hours appeared to be out of the running.
With a couple of hours remaining, Steve spodded in almost two tins of corn and pellet to totally transform his peg, catching quality carp right up to the final whistle and weighing 99-06-00 for a comfortable section win.
Steve caught on the method feeder with waffters and hard pellet.

Fourth placed Steve Tucker secured a lake and section win from the 10 peg Arena section.
Steve drew fancied peg 18 and made it pay by landing 87-01-00 of good carp fishing short and down his edge on method and cage feeder tactics.
Steve fished waffters and hard pellet.

Fifth placed Paul Cook drew peg 70 on the Specimen Lake and had a very slow start.
A few early bream to the method and waffters but consistant feeding down his edge and short produced some late quality carp giving him 82-15-00 and an important section win.

Day 2

With one day to go, 24 anglers were in contention to frame or lift the champions trophy.
Section A on the Match Lake
The Section was won by Ben Fisk from peg 6 with 43lbs.
Ben caught on the Method and cage with waffters fished short and down his edge.
His performance was enough to secure a top 10 overall placing.

Section B Match Lake
The Section was won by Steve Seabourne with 61-01-00 from peg 24.
Steve caught on the method short and down his edges.

Section C Arena Lake
The Section was won by John Turnock from peg 20 with 53-10-00 of carp to the method and waffters.
John pushed Tommy Pickering out of a section win by just 1lb 6oz to secure the section.

Section D Specimen Lake
The section was won by Richard Pennington with 30-07-00 of carp and bream.
His performance not quite enough to make the top 4 and his 5 point overall score putting in him in 5th place overall.
Richard caught on method and cage feeder from peg 3 on the Specimen Burr.

Section E Specimen Lake
Winner of section E was Paul Twigg with 26-13-00 from peg 64.
Paul’s catch of bream was enough to secure an overall two day place of 9th place overall.

Section F Specimen Lake
Another fine performance from Lee Kerry who drew pag 52.
Lee was sitting on 3 points after day 1 so a section win was vital to stay in the hunt for an overall win or top 4 placing.
Lee found some quality bream throughout the day and later caught two good carp down his edge to weigh 45-14-00 and vital section win.

The result
What a conclusion to 2 days of very competitive feeder fishing.
England’s best feeder angler Steve Ringer scored a superb 3 points winning his section on day one and securing second in his section on day 2.
Steve’s 3 point total was equal to Tommy Pickerings score but Steve lifted the trophy by way of a superior weight and pocketed a massive £12,000.

Second overall was Tommy Pickering who put in a truly amazing performance scoring 3 points over the two day final.
Tommy drew the Arena on day 2 and lost a massive carp at the net that would have certainly won him the title.
Beaten by just 1lb 6oz for a section win on day 2, Tommy’s overall weight was 132-14-00 just 1lb short of Steve Ringer and scoring 3 points over the 2 days.
As much as Tommy wanted to the title, he walked away with a massive £7,000 for a deserved second overall placing.

Third overall was Ian White with a two-day point score of 4. Again, the position was decided by weight and Ian secured his placing with 121-05-00.
Ian collected £4,000.

Fourth to the frame was Lee Kerry with a 2 day point score of 4.
Lee had to accept a lesser weight overall of 101-09-00, collecting £2,000

All in all, a truly wonderful 2 day final enjoyed by all.
On behalf of Golden Reel Angling Ltd, Larford Lakes and myself, I would like to thank all the finalists who took part.

The spirit of the competitors was magnificent and I look forwards to seeing many of you again in next year’s final.

Remember, if you’re in it you can win it.

Phil Briscoe

Event Organiser

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18th March 2018

The winner of the Golden Rod Feeder Championship 2018 is Charlie Simpson – 3 points, total weight 106-10-00

Collecting £12,000

Second – Steve Ringer 3 points, total weight 80-02-00

Collecting £7,000

Third – Richard Pennington 3 points, total weight 44-09-00

Collecting £4,000

Fourth – Les Thompson, 4 points, total weight 106-06-00

Collecting £2,000


Conditions for this prestigious final could not have been worse. As per the weather forecast, it was true to form with the return of the ‘beast from the east’.

A severe wind from the east with driving snow over the two days and a wind chill factor of -6C.

Due to the heavy winds, the lakes remained clear of ice but presentation was made difficult for all the competitors.

Hard to believe that the practice match on Friday before the final was fished with highs of 15C.


Day 1

Section ‘A’ Match Lake

Winner   of the section was Prezmek Solski who drew peg 6 on the Match Lake.

Prezmek fished the method feeder short catching quality F1’s and carp to an orange waffter landing 42-12-00.

2nd in the section was Mark O’Neill with 27-09-00 from peg 62. Mark found his fish late into the match down his edge on method and waffters.

3rd in the section was Darren Cox with 23-08-00 from peg 56, again to method short and waffters.


Section ‘B’ Match Lake

Winner of the section was Tom Hobbs who drew peg 24. Tom fished to the island with method and waffters landing 60-13-00 of carp and F1’s taking the section comfortably.

2nd in the section was Charlie Simpson who drew peg 48 on the burr landing 32-08-00 of carp, F1’s and skimmers to method feeder short.

3rd in the section was Lee Jones weighing in 31-15-00 to the method feeder from peg 50.


Section ‘C’ Arena Lake

The Arena Lake on day 1 fished very well despite the awful conditions. Winner of the section was Les Thompson who drew peg 20.

Les had to watch peg 7 on the opposite bank catching quality carp early but during the course of the match pulled it back landing bigger fish to method and waffter, fishing just short of half way. As the match progressed, Les switched to his edge lines, which came alive with quality carp, sealing his victory with a section winning weight of 90-07-00.

2nd in the section was Sean Kelly who drew peg 7. Sean was off to an early flier with carp stacking up in his corner peg. Sean found his fish on the method and waffter weighing in 77-10-00.

3rd in the section was Lee Addy who drew peg 9 weighing in 45-09-00 of carp and bream to method and waffters.


Section ‘D’ Specimen Lake

England international Steve Ringer drew peg 6 on the Specimen burr and fished the hybrid feeder at around 60m. Fishing orange waffters, Steve found an early carp of around 15lbs to kick start his match in style. He later added four more carp to weigh 61-04-00 and securing the section win.


Pushing Steve all the way was Andy Washington who drew peg 4.

Andy landed 8 carp and looked to be heading for section win. The carp he landed were a smaller stamp so at the scales, Andy weighed 53-13-00 securing second place in the section.


Third in the section was Lea Hall who drew 78 on the chalet bank weighing in 38-15-00 of carp and bream, all taken on the method feeder.



Section ‘E’ Specimen Lake

Winner of this section for day one was Ricky Teale who drew peg 72

Ricky caught skimmers on the cage feeder short with dead reds and later in the match, found a carp short on the method boosting his weight to 24-08-00 to secure a section win.


Second in the section was local rod, Ray Lamb who drew peg 70.

Ray fished the method all day with pink waffters finding a couple of quality bream and carp to weigh 17-03-00.


Third in the section was Rob Wooton who drew peg 68. Rob fished the method long weighing 16-05-00.


Section ‘F’ Specimen Lake

Winner of the section was Jamie Harrison who drew peg 62 on the chalet bank.

Jamie fished the cage feeder with dead reds landing quality bream all day at around 25 m finishing the day with an all bream catch of 32-01-00.


Second in the section was Richard Pennington who drew peg 30 on the burr bank.

Richard fished both the cage and Method feeder finishing the day with 19-02-00.


Third in the section was Rob Upex who drew peg 58 landing 8-01-00 from this difficult part of the section.


Day 2


Section ‘A’ Match Lake

The weather was now pretty horrific with 25 mile per hour winds and driving snow.


Winner of section A was Richard Pennington who drew end peg 62 on the Match Burr bank.

Richard caught most of his fish later down his edge on the method feeder weighing in 25-07-00 securing his section win.


Second in the section was Phil canning with 23-13-00.

Phil drew peg 8 on the shallow bank, which was not a fancied draw.

Fishing the method halfway and later down his edge Phil caught F1’s and carp to weighing in 23-13-00.


Third on the day was Paul Wright who had a ding donger go with Phil Canning weighing in 23-11-00 from Peg 6. Paul also fished the method missing out by just two ounces for second in the section.


Section ‘B’ Match Lake

Winner of this section for Day 2 was Steve Walker who fished a very tidy match fishing the method and waffter short from Peg 48

Steve found mainly quality F1’s to weigh 44-08-00 winning the section comfortably.


Second in the section was England’s Steve Ringer who drew page 22 on the grass bank.

Steve fish the hybrid feeder halfway with orange waffters to weigh carp and F1’s for a weight of 18-14-00


Third in the section was Lea Hall from Peg 18 with carp and F1’s to the method weighing in 12-01-00


Section ‘C’ Arena Lake

Conditions clearly switched off for the carp and bream on this lake for day 2


Winner of the section was Mike Flannaghan who drew peg 7

Mike fished a method feeder with orange waffters landing 40-14-00 of carp easily winning the section.


Second on the day was Kevin Hill who drew peg 9. Kev fished the method finding a few carp to weigh 27-06-00.


Third in the section was Matt Pillay Who drew peg 18.

Matt was dry up until the last 30 minutes dropping his method down his edge with just 30 minutes to go produced a couple of bites for 2 carp that weighed 14-12-00


Section ‘D’ Specimen Lake

Charlie Simpson made the most of fancied peg 80 on the Specimen Lake.

Fishing the method at around 30m, Charlie found 8 or 9 carp to waffters weighing in 74-02-00 for a comfortable section win.


Second in the section was Kevin Hall from peg 6 on the burr bank.

Kevin fished both the cage and method to find carp and bream for a very respectable 41-05-00.


Third in the section was Darren Cox with 30-04-00. Darren drew peg 78 on the chalet bank landing a couple of carp to the method and waffters.


Section ‘E’ Specimen Lake

Winner of this section was Gary Ainscough from peg 18 on the burr bank

Gary fish the method and cage feeder to find carp and bream to weigh 20-00-00.


Close behind Gary was Simon Willsmore who drew peg 16.

Simon found bream and carp on the method and cage to finish the day with 18-08-00 securing second place in the section.


Third placed Jim Evans drew peg 72 on the chalet bank landing 14-06-00


Section ‘F’ Specimen Lake

Winner of section F was Richard Hoskins who drew peg 62 on the chalet bank.

Richard had a few small skimmers to the cage feeder but found a good carp late in the match to the method short boosting his wait to 28-11-00 to secure the section win.


Second in the section was Gareth Lambert from peg 54.

Gareth fished the cage at 30m with dead reds landing 20-15-00 of bream and skimmers.


Third placed Les Thompson fished hard with the cage feeder at 20 metres with dead reds.

The first half of the match Les had very few bites but found the bream and skimmers late in the match to weigh 15-10-00 for a 3 point section score.




 Adding up all the section weights after the two days, three points was shared by three anglers so to establish the overall winner the weights over the two days confirmed the championship.


1st Charlie Simpson – 3 points

Total weight 106-10-00


2nd Steve Ringer – 3 points

Total Weight 80-02-00


3rd Richard Pennington – 3 points

Total weight 44-09-00


4th Les Thompson – 4 points

Total weight 106-06-00

5th Mike Flannaghan – 5 point (Superior weight)


6th Steve Walker – 5 points


Charlie Simpson the first Golden Rod feeder champion collected a massive £12,000 first prize and the Superb Golden Rod feeder championship trophy, well done Charlie.

 Second place Steve Ringer collected a cheque for £7,000, brilliant performance Steve.

 Third place Richard Pennington collect a cheque for £4,000, well done Richard.

 Fourth place Les Thompson collected a cheque for £2,000, yet another envelope from Phil Briscoe well done Les.

 Section winners (10 per section) all collected £150 per section so in total £26,800 was paid out plus super pools pay outs.


Our thanks to all the competitors for braving the extreme conditions and seeing the match through to the finish.

 Our thanks are extended to the Larford fishery staff for also braving the conditions.

A special thank you to Tom Scholey from Catch More Media for covering the event.

 Finally, a big thank you to the organisers from all the qualifiers Mick Axon, Andy Burrows and Matt Blackmore, all played a very important part in making the Golden Rod feeder championship a massive success.

 Thank you

 Phil Briscoe Golden Reel Angling

NamePlace PointsScoring Weight lbPeg Number
1Steve Ringer3133.1320,23
2Tommy Pickering3132.144,80
3Ian White4121.0260,68
4Lee Kerry4101.0911,52
5Richard Pennington5115.16,3
6Matt Godfrey5103.0614,68
7Simon Skelton6149.1511,21
8Nick Speed6124.0558,74
9Ben Fisk694.116,9
10Paul Twigg675.0526,64
11Adam Dowd7104.0410,9
12Paul Cook7103.0362,70
13Steve Tucker7101.1518,54
14Tony Miessner795.0244,78
15Matt Pillay790.0513,12
16John Jones784.0324,78
17Simon Fry769.089,14
18Danny Wilson8145.0116,23
19Dave Burley8103.0618,58
20Mark Turner8101.0146,52
21Frankie Gianoncelli889.1318,56
22Lee Addy910413,18
23Richard Lawson980.058,62
24Darren Cox960.0924,3
25Marcus Frost1083.1518,74
26Adam Lee1074.0822,58
27Danny Bache72.0810,11
28John Turnock1072.0820,60
29Martin Harrell1064.1512,14
30Kieron Bailey1063.0922,2
31Jim Evans1061.0622,76
32Charlie Simpson1056.1424,80
33Jon Arthur1174.0556,62
34Keith Clifton1171.1452,60
35Steve Seaborn1170.124,12
36Mike Hartley1149.0658,76
37Sim Stott1279.1154,17
38Nick Howell1277.0946,11
39Sam Brown1369.0412,6
40Pete Kitwood1355.0122,15
41Dave Berry134920,8
42Lee Jepson1337.139,8
43Mark Charnell1447.0320,72
44Mark O'Neill1551.1250,20
45Jordan Holloway1668.0326,54
46Martin Edis1658.0962,72
47Alan Taylor1643.0448,70
48Carl Barnfield1628.152,66
49Martin Tayloe1750.1250,56
50Chris Pavlou1729.0314,62
51Paul Greenwood1727.034,18
52Steve Mazza1858.138,2
53Rob Upex183848,17
54John Aldridge1812.0952,20
55John Vernon184.0844,15
56Steve Palmer1943.156,21
57Brett Clarke1919.1116,5
58Stephen Taylor1917.0760,64
59James Place2028.0454,6
60Brian Clark20.330.025


Here are a few photos of today’s final, with weather resembling Siberia with the snow and biting wind.


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