Golden Rod Championship Quaifier No 16, Marston Fields Fishery, Saturday 10th February 2024.

Full 60 peg sell out, conditions were highs of around 10C, clear skies with sunshine and a light breeze.
Heavy rain during the week meant that the water temperature was low.

The winner today and through to the March final was Steve Jackson from peg 27 on Sycamore.
Steve fished a hybrid feeder with waffters and an open ender with maggot hook baits, landing a fine bag of F1’s that scaled in at 44-9-0

Second on the day was Pat Cooper from peg 22 on Willow.
Pat fished both a hybrid feeder and a maggot feeder with live reds, landing 32-1-0 and a place in the final.

Third placed Tom Busby drew peg 4 on Willow, fishing a maggot feeder and live reds, weighing in 25-7-0 od F1’s.

Fourth to frame was Sam Brown from peg 29 on Sycamore with 23-14-0 of small F1’s all caught on the maggot feeder with live reds.
Sam caught all his fish casting tight to the island.

Fifth on the day was Adrian Haures from peg 20 on Sycamore with 23-10-0 all caught on the maggot feeder and live reds.

Qualifiers (Zones of 20)
Andrew Ashington
Pat Cooper
Steve Jackson.