Golden Rod Qualifier No 18, Larford Lakes, Saturday 24th February 2024

A full 60 angler turnout today. Conditions were heavy showers and very heavy overnight rain.
There was also a heavy frost with temperatures down to -2C, rising to just 8C on the day.

Winner today, and into the final, was Bogdan Mester who drew peg 1 on the Match Lake.
Bogdan fished a small hybrid feeder with waffters, casting to the bush and down his edge catching carp and F1’s that weighed in at 130-3-0.

Second placed Neil Mckinnon also drew end peg 1 on the Specimen Burr.
Neil caught most of his carp and a few bream on the hybrid feeder short and down his edge to weigh in carp to 20lbs, netting 129-5-0 and a place in the Grand Final.

Third overall was Marian Teodor Buzatu from Match Lake, peg 20.
Marian caught on the hybrid feeder and waffters, landing F1’s and carp that weighed in at 113-6-0.
Most of his fish were caught short and down his edge.

Fourth to frame was Stefan Pal from Match Lake peg 2.
Stefan caught casting long to the opposite bank and down his edge with a hybrid feeder and waffters weighing in 110-14-0.

Fifth overall was Fabian Arpad from peg 19 on the Match Lake with 106-7-0.
Fabian caught on the hybrid feeder, casting to the point of the island and down his edge on waffter hook baits.

Qualifiers (Zones of 20)
Bogdan Mester
Neil McKinnon
Eric Lofts